03-26-14 Catholic Daily Mass Quotes

March 26, 2014
Jesus said, “whoever obeys and teaches these commandments
will be called greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.”  Mt 5:17-19

One of the most awesome Gifts that God has given to the children He created, to us, is the Gift of Free Will.  Through that gift, we ourselves have the ability to create or destroy.  We have the ability to choose happiness or sorrow in whatever situation we may be in.  And we have the ability to seek out the Goodness in life, and to pass that on to others, or to make the lives of other people miserable by the poor choices we ourselves have made.

You see, Free Will can be either
Exhilarating or Exasperating.

And to keep us from self-annihilation, God gave us some Guidelines, some Rules.

If you can imagine a world with lots of cars, but no roads, or speed limits, or stop signs, then you might just get a glimpse of Life without God’s Commandments.

In our first reading today, we hear Moses reminding and instructing the Israelites, after 40-years of wandering in the desert, to never forget the God who safely brought them to that point.  You see, they were about to enter the land that God had promised to their ancestors, some 700-years earlier.  And Moses wanted to give them the absolute best chance of survival, they could possibly have, because he knew that there would  be temptations, and pitfalls, and even disaster, if they didn’t stay on God’s road – if they did not observe and follow those Ten Commandments.

It’s very much the same as what we have done with our own children.  Because we love them, we don’t want to see them get hurt.  But it’s always their own Free Will Choice that decides their destiny.  All we can do is teach them the Guidelines.

And that’s exactly what Jesus wants all of us to do – with everyone we meet.  But just as with our children, we won’t get anywhere by beating them up with restrictions to their lives.  If we force rules upon other people that they see as making their lives miserable, they’ll never observe them, no matter how good they are for them.

Instead, we’re going to show them a whole NEW FREEDOM, that they may have never imagined even exists.

It’s called the Freedom of God’s Love.

If we can Love one another, beyond the – sometimes silly, or stupid, or even reckless actions – we always seem to do.  If we can forgive others just as we did with our own children . . .
– then, all the misery of guilt, and anger, and hatred in our lives, and in theirs – will simply dissolve away . . .
– and all that will be left –

will be the Glorious Joy of Life . . .

Life with God forever.

And there is no greater Choice than that!

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