07-27-16 Catholic Daily Mass Quotes

July 27, 2016
Jesus said to his disciples: “The Kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, which a person finds and hides again, and out of joy goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.” Mt_13:44-46

He sells ALL that he has!  His home, his comfort, his financial security, his family, his shelter, his transportation, his hobbies, his vices, his friends, his food, his clothing, his power, his education, his likes, his loves.  How strongly do we desire to gain the Kingdom of heaven, beloved, even at the cost of it ALL?


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A Reflection . . .

The prophet Jeremiah was living in a time when the world around him had lost its way.  And he saw that his brothers and sisters were going to fall into a pit that he knew – was not necessary for them to fall into.  And so he would preach on the street corners. He would preach in the fields, and he would preach in the cities, as God directed him.

But there’s a funny thing that happens when you try to save people.

Not only, do they generally refuse to listen, but they begin to hate you for even wanting to warn them; for telling them that – with a little change, their lives could actually be – quite wonderful.  They would rather suffer a thousand pins and needles than allow that doctor to cut out the cancer that was causing the pain, that was slowly killing them.

And so they conspired to kill the doctor instead.

Jeremiah feared for his own life when he saw the whole world around him, unnecessarily falling apart.  And yet he knew – that what he was doing – was what God had told him to do.  You see, Jeremiah had found the “Treasure in the field” and the “Pearl of great price” – that Jesus spoke of.  And that treasure was God.


And today, the world we live in is not a whole lot different from that of Jeremiah’s time . . .

 Except for one major fact . . .

In Jeremiah’s time, the God that the Israelites worshiped was a God of ‘signs.’  He was the God of their ancestors, whom they could not see and they did not know.  And the stories that they heard, of God’s great rescues from the hands of the Egyptians and the Philistines, were beyond their concern.

You see, Jeremiah’s neighbors never believed that their actual lives were in danger.  They couldn’t see – that the crack in the dam was about to give way . . .  The murders that happened in foreign countries, and even those in distant States of their own country, didn’t seem to personally affect them.  So they sat on their comfortable indifference, and allowed idiots and conspirators to lead their nation.

And they permitted immorality and even murder in the name of “Tolerance,” because they replaced the Saving and Guiding God of their ancestors with powerless, ignorant gods who were: themselves.

But there is one major difference between the Invisible, God-of-Signs, of the Israelites, and the God we have come to know.

You see, because God’s love for us is so boundless, Our God, has actually come to live among us, in order to show us how Life should really be lived.  And so, we can no longer say that we don’t know our God.

Jesus actually lived the ‘struggle’ we call life.  Jesus suffered the rejection of Jeremiah, and the martyrs, and all of us, who devote our lives to saving the souls of our lost neighbors.  And Jesus proved to us, by His own Resurrection, that every Word He said about a Kingdom of Everlasting Life – is TRUE.

And it’s ours for the asking!

You see, brothers and sisters, life doesn’t have to be the disaster, the tragedy that the world wants to make of it.  There is incredible beauty in God’s awesome Grace of Life.  We can see it in the beauty of our neighbors.  We can see it in the innocence of a little child.  We can see it in the joy of helping others.  And we can feel that Kingdom of God’s Love all around us.

When we can accept that priceless Pearl of God’s love.  When we can live in its magnificent Light, and share its Hope, then, no matter what the world throws at us – we will BE – His Kingdom, both here and now, and in our Eternal Lives – yet to come.

And that’s a Pearl worth giving up EVERYTHING for!

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