08-28-17 Catholic Daily Mass Quotes

August 28, 2017
(St. Augustine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church)
Jesus harshly criticized the Pharisees and Scribes for their nearsightedness, saying;  “Woe to you, blind guides, who say, ‘If one swears by the temple, it means nothing, but if one swears by the gold of the temple, one is obligated.’  Blind fools, which is greater, the gold, or the temple that made the gold sacred?

And you say, ‘If one swears by the altar, it means nothing, but if one swears by the gift on the altar, one is obligated.’  You blind ones, which is greater, the gift, or the altar that makes the gift sacred?

One who swears by the altar swears by it and all that is upon it;

one who swears by the temple swears by it and by him who dwells in it;

one who swears by heaven swears by the throne of God and by him who is seated on it.”  Mt_23:13-22

So if our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and our heart is the altar of God, why are we so overly focused on our bodies or our hearts when it is God, who created our hearts and bodies, whom we should really be worshiping!  It is God who makes us: body, mind and spirit, holy!  When we recognize the Source of all that we are, beloved, then all that we are becomes our Gift back to Him!  And that makes all that we are, every breathing moment of Life, well worth living for!  Praise be to God!

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