04-07-18 Catholic Daily Mass Quotes

April 7, 2018
After His resurrection, Jesus said to His disciples, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.”  Mk_16:9-15

“Once upon a time . . .” 

Most people love ‘once upon a time’ stories!  Tell me about something exciting.  Tell me about something sad or beautiful, or miraculous.  Tell me a love story!

Well, there is one love story that cannot be out done.  It’s the story of someone who had such great love for his beloved that he was willing to do anything for them, even die.  And that’s exactly what Jesus had done because of God’s great love for us, beloved.  YES, WE are His beloved, His creation.  And rather than force us to love Him back, He showed us not only how we should love one another, but how much He loves us, by becoming like us in every way except sin.

And in our form, Jesus taught, Jesus offered, Jesus showed us by His own example what love really means.  Love means not forcing others to love us.  Not making ourselves appear glamorous so that others might admire us, (even though we admire ourselves more than anyone else ever can).  Love means just the opposite.  True love means giving up on trying to get others to love us, and loving them even when they may not even like us.  Love means offering others the freedom to choose to love us for what is inside rather than what is or isn’t on the outside.

You see, beloved, it is God who is inside every one of us!  And THAT’s whom we love, beyond all measure.  That’s who we adore in every living creature we see!

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