08-03-18 Catholic Daily Mass Quotes

August 3, 2018
After preaching in His home town, Jesus found that His neighbors took offense at him.  But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and in his own house.”  Mt_13:54-5

Sometimes it drives me crazy to hear a Gospel passage that, it seems we had just recently heard.  In today’s case, it was actually, only 3-weeks ago, on the 14th Sunday, that we heard Mark’s Gospel version of this same reading from Matthew.

So, it is a relief, brothers and sisters, that we are not crazy, and it’s not an Alzheimer’s moment.  It’s just the Church making sure, again, that we got the point.  And the point is, that WE, as devout Christians, must always keep our minds open to finding God, in sometimes, even the least expected places, like in our friends, or even the enemies who we think we know so well.

If we remember the topic of Time, that we considered a couple of weeks ago; and in particular, the fact that God is not as overly focused about Time as we are; then, we also know that God truly does have the where-with-all to inspire people to change with time.

They, or we, may go from sinners to saints, from shyness to prophets, from enemies to the very best of friends. But, through it all, it’s up to US to seek out those Changes in others, and in ourselves, by being not only attentive and compassionate with them, but then, by responding with thought to those changes, rather than reacting on impulse to them.

You see, even a response of cautious acceptance would be better than the blind rejection that Jesus received from His hardened neighbors or the deadly threat that Jeremiah received from his fellow Judeans.

Because, rejecting the Word of God, from wherever its source may be, is just like rejecting God Himself. And, it’s important to know that God is never out to “get” us.  But He IS out to help us find a ‘better way’ that can lead us back to Him.  And sometimes that “better way,” just might challenge us in our own “comfortable sinfulness.”

If that Prophet, or that uninhibited Child, or even the Church itself has the courage to advise us to reform our ways, it most likely is NOT said for their benefit, but for our good.  And maybe it’s not even just for our individual benefit, but, for the good of the whole community, or even the whole world.

Our reminder today is to just be open.  Open to the Changes that happen within ourselves.  And open to the Beauty and the Wisdom of God that comes to us from the least expected sources, and at the least expected times.

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