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12-17-13 Catholic Daily Mass Quotes

12-17-13 As Jacob (the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham) was about to pass on from this life, he gathered his sons together and blessed them.  Yet within the blessings, he also summarized his opinion of their lives: the … Continue reading

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09-19-13 Catholic Daily Mass Quotes

09-19-13 (St. Januarius) Jesus addressed a Pharisee who complained about the company He kept. Many Pharisees were very notoriously intolerant of anyone who, in their opinion, were sinners. Jesus responded with another piercing parable, to which He concluded, in reference … Continue reading

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09-18-13 Catholic Daily Mass Quotes

09-18-13 (St. Joseph of Cupertino) Jesus said that contrary to the foolishness of children’s banter, “wisdom is vindicated by all her children.”  Lk 7:31-35 And Paul writing to Timothy about Jesus said, “Undeniably great is the mystery of devotion, Who … Continue reading

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09-17-13 Catholic Daily Mass Quotes

09-17-13 (St. Robert Bellarmine) Jesus said to the dead man, “‘Young man, I tell you, arise!’ The dead man sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him to his mother.”  Lk 7:11-17 Know anyone who’s “dead,” beloved? Someone … Continue reading

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